The philosophy of re-medal is to introduce and promote, even when it comes to awards, the concept of circular economy and sustainability.

Our company believes in and follows the path of circularity, beyond linearity. We strive towards a business which promotes solidarity and protects the environment and humankind, beyond personal interests and profit.

Our clients are those companies, associations, and federations that are led by people who are concerned about the future of humankind on earth and share our vision and inspirations of preserving the environment and promoting diversity. We source our materials from the waste left in landfills all over the world, from simple and precious metals to glass and other resources.

Beyond athletic and personal successes, purchasing our products allows you to participate in the transformation of our community and society. By supporting our vision, you can contribute to the establishment of an environment in which improperly disposed items are recycled and reused.

Our philosophy includes committing to the constant enhancement of the re-medal management and strategies, improving commercial solutions, and helping others who try to make a meaningful difference.

All our competent and collaborative team members aim to achieve the highest possible levels of technology, transparency, versatility; for each other and with each other.

re-medal leads to success, nurtured by the success of every single one of us.