Hi-tech rubbish is no longer rubbish but becomes a resource: the circular economy is spreading more and more, making way for the concept of regeneration and the new perspective that requires all of us to think. This vision inspires re-medal, the new business unit of medal in frame, a company that designs and produces customizable medal displays, to recover metal from electronic waste with the creation of a line of medals made with the recovery of metal from electronic waste.

The new project focuses on environmental sustainability and recycling, combined with a passion for sport. The debut is a great prestige, both nationally and internationally, as the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating® Final (Junior & Senior) 2019-2020 will be held at the Palavela in Turin, from the 5th to the 8th of December.

The Italian Ice Sports Federation has entrusted re-medal with the awarding of the races: the winners will be able to wear a very special and eco-sustainable medal around their necks and receive a numbered certificate of authenticity indicating the countries of origin of the recycled material.

The search for re-medal materials follows the path of recycling waste sent to landfills around the world, from precious metals to simple glass.

Getting these materials in a process of recycling cycle offers a great opportunity to the athlete: They will win the medal with their sporting gesture, not only to have obtained a prestigious result, but to participate in a small step in favour of our planet. Their achievements will support and continue the recycling and reuse of materials thrown away improperly, which have a new use and purpose with re-medal.

re-medal is the way to success: for the environment, for sustainable sport, and for human well-being.